Passion Combined with Experience

Our mission is to empower people and businesses with tools, that serve them in the most human, helpful way.

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Message From CEO

Diversity yields many benefits, not the least of which is improved performance and competitiveness in a global business environment. It helps small and medium businesses to better reflect the needs of their diverse customer base, which in turn will attract more potential consumers.

Camelr Fintech Platforms are designed from the ground up, for the current market needs and maximum return on your investments. Here at Camelr, we believe that diversity is key to creating innovative and impactful business practices. By embracing inclusivity as part of our team structure, we continually uphold people of all abilities and backgrounds. Our membership is also a reflection of this, with members championing diverse initiatives and driving FinTech innovation forward. The Camelr team, with years of successful Payments and InsurTech experience, can help you bring your FinTech vision to reality.

Camelr has experienced incredible growth in every direction since launching our business. Every improvement we make to our products and business practices brings us new customers and makes us more competitive. It's been a fun ride so far and we're really just getting started! One of the most exciting parts of this journey for me has been seeing the team, who are constantly working on projects they feel personally invested in. That means operating with a strong emphasis on flexibility and personal accountability every day. Our goal is to build a creative workplace that's collaborative, process-driven, reflective, and welcoming. I hope we'll work together to create a shared vision.

Camelr Brand Values


Emotional connection is critical at Camelr throughout the Discover, Design and Deliver process. And we use a clear design process that focuses squarely on user. We encourage open dialogues helping each other and this helps us conceive and build successful, emotionally resonant products.


This is also one of our core values at Camelr. Being helpful means it’s all about people not us. It’s all about giving people what they need so they can progress.


We pride ourselves to be always honest about what we do and how we do it. We always try to do the right thing for our brand, clients, employees and community.


We play, we explore new ideas, and we experiment without fear of failure. We trust our team to do what’s right by our customers and one another. Grounded by good intentions and a sense of purpose, we push boundaries without taking ourselves too seriously.

Company Culture


We are aiming for what kind of culture, but why?

We believe in creating a culture where we feel safe and trusted. We think people can accomplish great things if they take this approach, so we create an environment where:

  • All ideas are heard.
  • Feedback is always welcome.
  • Initiative is encouraged.
  • Risk is rewarded.
  • Mistakes are accepted unconditionally.
  • Technology and automation work as collaborators, not competitors, with people.

A learning culture can be shaped by leaders in what ways?

In order to help create a better and safer workplace, we have an ethical hiring process. We look for great people who have a good fit with our company.

We build great teams; "Recruit great talent who will improve Camelr and could be a great fit in any team in the future". We practice the following behaviors:

  • Show the ability to identify skill gaps that need to be filled.
  • Forecast future needs and take ownership of bringing new talent to Camelr.
  • Ensure all employees are treated equally, regardless of gender or ethnicity.
  • Cohesion is created by building strong bonds and promoting healthy conflicts.
  • The team should be aligned and there should be no gaps in goals.

Ideal Company Culture

We inspire our teams to aim high, understanding what the team is capable of delivering. We motivate loyalty and accountability, commanding when necessary to bring our teams out of chaos. We break large tasks into smaller steps, identifying progress for everyone. We are versatile and able to change our approach for exceptional results. Team members feel like it's safe for them to fail, but they know that they need to learn from these failures in order to grow. With clarity and purposeful attention, we create nurturing environments where people want to get the best out of one another and the business.

We'll grow within the culture of Camelr by becoming self-reflective, understanding our strengths and weaknesses, and learning what we need to learn. We don't feel safe or comfortable trying to learn new things in a restrictive environment. We've got a voice here at Camelr, which is where we thrive.